5×10A storage unit of this size can fit the furnishings and items from a mid-sized bedroom. Store extra clutter from your home or office here, or a motorcycle during the winter.$30.00
10×10A storage unit of this size can fit the contents of a large family room. Many items can go here such as a mattress set, desk, table or other furniture that is bulky.$45.00
10×15This sized unit is perfect for freeing up room during a move, or remodeling project. It can fit furniture from a small home.$55.00
10×20Also good for moving or remodeling, a unit this size is equivalent to 200 SQ feet. This sized unit can store a medium to large sized home worth of items.$65.00
10×30This sized unit is the size of a two car garage, and perfect for any large moves. Store large bulky items here, or anything of a large quantity.$100.00